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Elevate 114 Apartments - SonaKrete Acoustic Finish | Spray Applied Fireproofing

INSTALLTEC recently had the pleasure of teaming up with Cityscape Construction to complete the historic plaster restoration in an old church converted into the leasing office. We also applied SonaKrete Acoustic Finish to the existing dome ceiling.

SonaKrete is a premium ceiling acoustic finish with a very refined, plaster texture. SonaKrete is spray-applied, then troweled for a seamless finish making it ideal for historic renovation and domed or arched ceilings. SonaKrete is specified in interior spaces to reduce excessive noise and improve intelligibility without compromising aesthetic objectives. Additionally, SonaKrete typically provides these features at a more competitive install cost than alternative acoustical plaster systems. SonaKrete is available in two standard and specially-matched custom colors.

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