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Climate Controlled Shop Application Fireproofing

INSTALLTEC has a 40,000 sf facility with an area dedicated to shop application of intumescent fireproofing and coatings. Steel members can be delivered to us for intumescent application and then shipped to the field for erection. Our teams can then mobilize to the field to finish up connection points and repair any aesthetic isssues.

Shop-Applied Fireproofing beats field applications.
Applying passive fire protection coatings in the shop can enhance the quality, aesthetics and safety of applications compared to coating steel in the field.

One important advantage of restricting the fire protection process to the shop environment is that it allows the construction team to complete buildings much faster, lowering costs for builders. This swifter speed-to-completion is made possible by eliminating the need for much of the equipment and hassle associated with coating steel after it has been erected within a structure.

For more information or to request a quote: (816) 410-4900

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